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Davenport, Iowa



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About Roam

Roam is a revival of bespoke spaces of times gone by, where people come together to share a love for the Zen of motorcycle repair, the open road, a good drink, and some darn good food. We take our passion for craft cocktails, wine, beer, coffee and food and deliver our own unique twist on them. We just happen to have a motorcycle garage in the back.

Our Team

Dylan Steil


Dylan had the classic “I don’t know what to do when I grow up” stage. What he did know, was life felt a heck of a lot better when food and drink were involved. Being a native Quad Citian, Dylan wanted to contribute to the area and found his calling with Roam. It only took a years’ worth of Daquiris and his friends urging him to follow his passion to get it rolling. He quickly set out and found a group of like-minded individuals to bring this crazy vision to life. While he may be the Ring Leader of this Merry Band, he would be quite lost without each and every member of Roam’s team. He is forever grateful they let him show up for work every day!

Griffin Steil

Captain of Commotion

Griffin’s love for all things mechanical started when his mom brought home a model car for him to play with as a child. Over the years this passion led him to acquire several hundred model cars and completing his first muscle car restoration at age 19. Eventually, Griffin set his sight on two wheels and starting restoring vintage Japanese motorcycles. Griffin’s build portfolio includes everything from Honda Enduros to BMWs with sidecars. His goal is to build highly sophisticated bikes while maintaining the integrity of the owner’s vision. When he isn’t in the shop you can catch him in Roam’s coffee shop drinking and serving delicious coffee!

Rhea Vrana

Captain Cook

Rhea discovered her passion for building recipes, mixing flavors, and organizing chaos through bartending. After almost a decade of being a dedicated vegetarian, she found that her passion was creating satisfying, flavorful,
meat-like dishes out of what seemed to be nothing. Rhea began moonlighting with a local executive chef, and realized her true passion to be in the kitchen. When she is not in the kitchen leading her team, you can usually find Rhea researching her latest culinary ideas. Rhea set out to build the ultimate smash patty burger, she has since returned to the carnivorous lifestyle.

Armando Ruiz

Captain Cooks Chief Officer

Armando has been hustlin’ in the kitchen for the last 15 years. Starting as a dishwasher at a local upscale restaurant, this is where he learned that he had a true passion for cooking. Spending the subsequent years working his way up through the kitchen, and perfecting his way through a myriad of positions. Armando has since earned the title of Sous Chef, also known as Captain Cook’s Chief Officer, here at Roam. He is currently exploring his love for intricate plating and food decorating.

Megan Hogg

Queen Bean

Megan Hogg, otherwise known as “Queen Bean”, manages the coffee shop at Roam. Megan has worked in the industry for years as both a barista and a bartender. Coffee has always been a passion of hers, all though she has plenty of natural energy before any caffeine. The craft of making drinks and exploring the world behind coffee has been an interest since she first started out as a teenager working at a local Starbucks. Megan is also a foodie by nature, and loves all things Harry Potter. You’ll always catch her in the coffee shop, serving up more than just your average joe!

Alex Nagel

Chief Libation Officer

Alex has been in the Food & Beverage Industry in one form or another, for the past 15 years.  He has brought his passion for quality cocktails and wine and expanded that into a larger format. Currently he is really enjoying educating himself on classic tiki cocktails, and looks forward to expanding that portion of the menu. His philosophy for a successful bar & front of house operations can be broken down into three words: Quality, People & Laughs.